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Davy Crockett

Mike Fink
Mike Fink's Song
Davy Crockett's Song
Davy Crockett
Battle At The Alamo


George Russell (Davy's partner through thick and thin)

Davy Crockett was a person/legend ranking among the highest recognized american heroes. As many know, Davy has been in many children's stories, plays, films, songs, and novels.
His favorite moto when he was living was, "Be always sure you are right, and then go ahead."
Davy's personage was of a Hercules of the forest. He was also know as a warrior and a person who fought heartily for liberty. He was a Jacksonian Republican even though he was with the Whiggs every so often. 
Some of the people he came upon were Mike Fink when he was going down the Ohio River to New Orleans to deliver some Beaver pelts. He also encountered George Russell which has been his partner thoughout his various adventures.
Although Davy was a combatant in various wars, he orinally thought that killing others was a waste of time. The event that changed his mind about warring was an attack from the Creek Indians. This event was the begining point of all his volunteer work concerning the wars that he was part of.
In September 24, 1813 was the eighteenth man to enlist for the Srcond Regiment of Tennesse Volunteer Mounted Riflemen. When he was enlisted, Davy was a part-time scout and was more different than those actually in the war. By being so different and focusing more on food than on the war itself he missed many main events at that time. 
His final battle was at the Alamo against the Mexican military leader, Antonio de Santa Ana. He later died in battle.

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