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Mike Fink

Mike Fink
Mike Fink's Song
Davy Crockett's Song
Davy Crockett
Battle At The Alamo

The name of the River Boatmen that
sailed down to New Orleans with Davy Crockett

A piece of Mike Fink's Life
Mike Fink was more of a rogue compared to Davy Crockett. He always lived on the frontier. He was born in Fort Pitt in 1770.
The cabin he lived in with his family was rather rough. Mike slept on the floor or in a bed which was mounted on a forked branch planted in the ground. His family was more on the poor side because they had very little furniture and kitchen utensils.
At an early age he learned to wield the bow and arrow. He had learned how to hunt close range at the same time he learned how to swear.
Throughout his boy-hood, Mike heard many stories about Indians and how they raided Fort Pitt and the various battles that the settlers had to deal with. Later, Mike began to dream about killing and scalping Indians.
When Mike was twelve, he was given his first rifel. After adapting to the weight of the gun, he soon learned how to use it with deadly accuracy.
By the time he was seventeen, Mike became part of a body of settlers who were rangers that fought against Indians. As a scout, Mike went into Indian territory to find out when they were going to attack next

This information came from:
Blair, Walter, and F.J. Meine. MIKE FINK: King of Mississippi Keelboatmen. New York:
Henry Holt and Company, 1933.

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